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YOUTH FISHING – Sport Fishing for Youth Trust

Providing opportunities for youth to enjoy outdoor activities

Sports Fishing For Youth Trust is a charitable Trust with a goal of providing youth in the Nelson/Tasman region with an opportunity to go fishing, enjoy the outdoors, and hopefully to develop an appreciation of the outdoor environment. With the support of sponsors we have built and maintain three fishing ponds at Appleby and with assistance from Nelson Marlborough Fish and Game and Rata Foundation we stock these ponds with trout and salmon.

The Trust was established in 2010 with the ponds completed and first stocked in 2012. Since the initial pond construction disabled fishing platforms have been built and various access tracks formed to make them suitable for youth to use. We have also undertaken tree planting and landscaping and provided picnic tables etc. The present Trustees are Ian Kearney , Richard Boyden, Jim Jobe, Kevin Nansett, Bruce Taylor, Maree Peters, Sam Kearney, Mark Burdass, and Matt Jenkins

Usually we aim to make the ponds available for youth to fish with parent/caregiver supervision from mid December until the end of March and again from the beginning of June until the end of September. Outside of these times the ponds are closed to the public to enable maintenance and the Trust to provide guided fishing opportunities for special needs groups and also pre booked fishout days for youngsters to learn to fish.

Please note there are conditions of use that apply during this open period and these must be observed. Details of the conditions are available elsewhere on this website however conditions include: a maximum of one fish per child on any one day, only children can be a fisher ( the person holding the rod ), no burley or feed to be used, restrictions on the use of spinners and soft baits to the largest pond, and all fishers must have a licence from Nelson Marlborough Fish and Game (free for 12 and under).

We are aware that there are a number of parents/caregivers who may be keen to use the ponds but are uncertain of the requirements and regulations to fish at the youth ponds . We have put together an outline of how to fish at the ponds and the regulations that apply and included that in the Tips section of this webpage.

New access 

Please also be aware that TDC have closed  the old River road access point.  This will mean the only access will be via Challies road. Also be aware that Google maps does not have the correct location of the ponds, you may end up in Stoke or the Richmond foothills. If using Google maps put in Challies road as a location.

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Latest News

Fishout day 5th May

7 May 2024 3:54 pm

There was a great fishout day on the 5th of May with all participants catching a fish. Conditions were excellent with a sunny day and very little wind. Fish size was big with an average size over 3 lb

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Fish Out Days

The Trust has designated “fish out” days. On these days our volunteers guide the young fishers in 50 minute fishing sessions. Fishing gear and tackle is provided.  There is a small charge of $2 per child on the designated fishout days but this may be waived for special needs groups. Fish out days are usually carried out in two spells. There is a spring spell with fish out days in November and early December and a second spell in April/May. The next fishout days will be 21 April and the 5th and 12th of May. Please note the children participating in these fishout days must be over five years old  

Bookings for the fish out days are essential

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Our Fishing Ponds and family fishing opportunities

Family fishing opportunitiesThe Trust also makes the ponds available for children to fish with parent / caregiver supervision for limited periods over the year.  A licence issued by Fish and Game is required to fish the ponds during these times. The Conditions for use of the ponds apply to these family permits and the children must have a licence. The licence from Fish and Game is free for children 12 and under and $20 for children between 12 and 17 years old. There is a link below to the Fish and Game web site to order a licence.

The ponds will be open for family fishing opportunities when kids can fish with adult supervision from the 20th of December 2023 to the 30th March 2024.

For advice on how to use the ponds and where to fish go to our tips site. There is also an excellent youtube video produced by Jim Jobe of Jimmys bait company at

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We also, from time to time, make the ponds available for other groups and provide fishing opportunities for special needs groups, the disabled, the elderly, and the groups such as Casting for Recovery. If you wish to arrange a visit by such a group send us a message.

Finding the ponds

IMPORTANT: The old access road from River Road is closed and there is a NEW ACCESS ROAD. See the directions to the ponds for full details.

Directions to The Ponds

We rely on volunteers to run our Fish Out days. Maybe you can help us?

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Advance booking for Fish Out days is required.

Tips, Resources
Handy tips and useful online resources for our budding little fishers.

Our Sponsors

We get great support from the Nelson Trout fishing club and from Nelson Marlborough Fish and Game. We are also greatly appreciate the assistance provided by the Corrections Department who maintain the grounds around the ponds and to ITM Nelson who have provided the timber to build and repair the disabled fishing platforms. Taylors Contracting also assist us with the bulk earthworks around the ponds.

Pubcharity , the Network Tasman Trust, and the Corrections Department  assist us to maintain the ponds and Rata Foundation provide funds to assist the stocking the ponds with fish.

Primary Sponsors

Secondary Sponsors

Property Law Centre
The Fishing Paper
ANZ Bank (Nelson)