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Some general tips based on our experience of fishing at the ponds over the last five years

Waimea Fishing Ponds – Essential Equipment

Waimea Fishing Ponds – Tips And Hints

    Hands should be washed thoroughly before touching Lures / Nymphs or bait. The smell is a negative to most fish.
    Spend some time locating your fish schools, polarised glasses help. You can’t catch fish if they’re not in the area you are fishing!Rainbow trout tend to move around the ponds rather than stay in one location. That said, they have some preferred locations so it pays to have a good look around the ponds and try and find where the fish might be.Salmon tend to stay together in shoals so when the ponds are stocked with salmon it becomes more important to find out whether shoals are located. Polaroid glasses are of great assistance when trying to locate the fish.
    The first three hours after day break and last three hours of Sunset in general provide more active fishing over the summer. However in winter early afternoon may be more productive.
    Trout have great eyesight, light trace of 6lb – 8lb and small hooks from size 16 to No.2 ( fly hooks 10, 12 , 14 and 16 ) are best for regular hook-ups.
    Try fishing an area for 15 -30 minutes, if the fish are ignoring your baits / lures move to another area of the pond that holds fish and try again.
    You may need to wait for fish to come on the bite, enjoy your surroundings while you wait.
  7. LEARN
    Being a good fisherperson can take time so ask questions, practice knots, watch videos and keep trying.

Tips for taking kids fishing

A child’s first fishing trip is exciting for both parent and child. A fun outing can lead to future years of fishing enjoyment. Here are some tips to make it a fun and memorable experience.

Fishing rigs for standard spin rods

5 foot to 7 foot rod with reel capable of carrying over 100 meters of 6 – 10 lb nylon.
Spinning rigs around 5’6” to 7 foot in length with a reasonable reel are well suited for younger children. They can use them with a float located 1 to 2m above the hook in all three ponds and also with a spinner in the large pond. The Trust have used a Killwell kids spinning rig, Black Shadow rod and BS330 reel, for the last five years and they have proved to be ideal. Spinners and lures such as soft baits are not allowed in the two smaller ponds as they tend to frighten the fish and put them off the bite making them hard for everyone to catch.

If fishing with a float and a hook suspended below you can use a variety of baits, see the gear section for details on the rig. We mainly use a commercial pellet called Jimmy’s baits which we find work well. You could use worms, small insects, or a nymph style fly such as a “pheasant tail” or a ” hare and copper”.

Bait rig with float
1 X Bobble float (water fillable), 1 x Trace line (6lb – 10lb) , 1 x Bare hook (Size No.2 or smaller or trout fly hook size 10, 12,14,16 )
Bait – Jimmys Bait Pellets, Worms, Maggots, corn.

Nymph rig with float
1 X Bobble float (water fillable),
1 x Trace line (6lb – 10lb), 1 x Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, bead head Prince, Grey Darter, Hair and Copper, or similar Nymphs : size 12, 14, 16.
Optional – use Jimmys Bait 3mm Nymph Baits for extra scent!

Bait rig with no float (experienced fishers only)
1 x Trace line (6lb – 10lb), 2 x split shot sinkers, 1 x Bare Hook No.2 or smaller.
Bait – Jimmys Bait Pellets , Worms, Maggots, Corn

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